Pastry Chef (m/f)

Beginn Standort Hotel / Schiff Vertragsbedingungen
Ab sofort Weltweit 5* American Cruise Line * Very good Conditions
* 4 month on / 2 month off
* 12 month / year-round payment
* valid passport and C1D Visa for the US required

Skills & Education:

We are looking for a highly qualified and experienced Pastry Chef for a great 5* American Cruise Line with great itineraries throughout the world.


You must have excellent U.S.P.H. knowledge and management skills.You should have an outgoing personality and the ability to interact with different cultures. You should be flexible, stress-resistant, creative and fluent in English. You must have previous ship experience.

Zusätzliche Information

Please send your cv etc. to Daniela Fahr at :

Our service is completely free charge for you as applicant – there will be no fee at all.